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AFRICAN MOON JACKAL - Uganda Rwenzori -

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[Grade: Natural microlot from the Rwenzori Mountains

[Place of Origin] Kishinga near Kasese in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, Western Uganda.

[Refinery] Kishinga Coffee Station [Altitude] 1200-2200m

[Refining method] Hand picked, cherries are sorted in a water tank and dried on a bed or in a dryer.

[Varieties] Niasaland, Bugis (since about 1920), SL28/34/14 (since about 1960)

[Harvest] August to December [Cup quality] Dark fruit, creamy, syrup

As a token of our trust, they will send us "something special" every year from now on, from far away in Uganda, Africa.

From now on, every year, they will send us something special. A micro lot just for us.

The Rwenzori Mountains, the snow capped mountains of Uganda, the beautiful country known as the Pearl of Africa. The African Moon is born in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda.

The high altitude, the fertile soil and the abundant rainfall are the perfect conditions for the cultivation of Arabica coffee.

This is the perfect environment for growing Arabica coffee. This lot, "Jackal", is grown at Kisinga Coffee Station.

Kisinga Coffee Station. Kisinga is produced by KCL ( KYAGALANYI COFFEE LTD.

KYAGALANYI COFFEE LTD (KCL)), an ISO, RA and UTZ certified company based in Uganda.

This factory has been refining coffee beans grown on "model farms" since 2016. The "model farm" means that KCL has

A model farm is a farm where KCL aims to build a long-term relationship with a local group, providing guidance and management to aspiring farmers.

It is a model farm for other farmers in the region. Rwenzori's natural products vary in flavour from lot to lot.

The "Jackal" lot, which is exclusive to NOVO owners, has a more robust flavour than the other lots.

It has a more robust and wild flavour than the other lots.