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Colombia Finca El Centro Micro lot - Washed Lactic

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Sweet chocolate, red fruits, pineapple, panela, nectarine, green apple and figs.
Cupping Socre:83.50
City-Full City Roast recommended.

First come first serve basis because of Micro lot of 2021crop.

Arabica: Caturra

Farm: Finca El Centro
Origin: Quindio
Crop Year: 2021
Processing Method: Washed Lactic
Elevation: 1,700-1900m

Grown by Andres Ramirez and his son at Finca El Centro.

This coffee was pulped and left to ferment under water for 78 hours inside ceramic tanks, later placed inside grain pro bags for 30 additional hours at 20degrees celcius increasing the concentration of lactic acid.

Afterwards gently washed and placed on raised beds for 14days until ideal moisture content was achieved.

Tasting notes;