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Colombia Pink Bourbon - Washed

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Floral, creamy, chocolaty, nutty, berries, citrus with honey ending.
SCAA Score 83.75

Arabica:Pink Bourbon
*City-Full City Roast recommended.

Farms: La Milagrosa, Brisa,
Granadas Region: Pitalito - Huila
Village: Chillurco, Granjas, Resinas
Altitude:1550 - 1750 masl
Drying:Natural Sun Dried

After picking the mature fruits, red cherries were fermented for 8 hours, then the wet fermentation was prolonged for 24 hours getting unique attributes to this well balance and delicate coffee with its bright and citric acidity, its medium body with caramel notes that is perceived in the fragrance and the floral notes