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Guatemala Finca Chamtaca Microlot - Washed

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Roasting Level
Chocolate, syrup, citric juicy.
Cupping Score:84.00
*High - City Roast recommended.

First come first serve basis because of Microlot of 2021crop.

Arabica: Catuai

Farm: Finca Chamtaca
Origin: Coban
Crop Year: 2021
Processing Method: Lavado
Soil Condition: Franco Arcillozo
Plantation Scale: 30 Ha
Elevation: 1350 MSNM

In one of the most beautiful parts of the country of Guatemala, an entrepreneurial family and passionate about quality takes shape a coffee tradition in Finca Chamtaca,

In 1920, within one of the best geographical environments and conditions of the Alta Verapaz department, Mr. Manuel Chavarria started coffee cultivation here supporting the local Chamtaca community, developing and building the plantations by hand in the areas that today we know.

Always pursuing excellence in 1943, the Farm participated in the coffee quality qualification contest in the northern zone of Guatemala, a contest promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Guatemala in which it obtained a second place harvest 1942 -
1943, again in the year 1946 he participated in the same contest to rate the quality of coffee in the northern area, again organized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture in which he obtained first place, harvest 1945 - 1946. For stories like this and the beauty of the place, continuing and promoting a Legacy, Dr. Roberto Asensio buys and enhances
this property, turning it into more than a farm, if not an agricultural company.

Finca Chamtaca being an agricultural company that was reborn for us in 1985, located 240 kilometers from Guatemala City in the municipality of San Pedro Carcha in the department of Alta Verapaz in the very heart of the cloud forest of the Sierra de Chama,
one altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, and with high areas up to 1450 meters above sea level... We are mainly dedicated to the production of washed Arabica coffee of the Caturra, Catuai and other varieties. As an example of the vision and as part of teamwork, we are not very proud of having achieved a sustainable agriculture in which respect for
the environment is one of the primary axes in our activities.

With this in mind, we put into practice that our total process of wet coffee work is done using only rainwater that we harvest and store in cisterns and finally in a pond in which, with the use of water pumps, we maintain its oxygenation and life, the water used in the process is disposed of in absorption wells.

Vermiculture is an activity fully integrated into our daily tasks, the transformation of the coffee pulp and other organic waste into vermicompost as a solid and liquid substrate that we use in fertilization and foliar sprays respectively.