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Jamaica Blue Mountain No.1 - Washed

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Roasting Level

Sweet, balance, moderately crisp and bright, clean finish, persistent flavors.
Cupping Score : 86.25

*High-Roast or City-Roast recommended.

Process : Fully Washed and 100% patio dried under the sun
Altitude : Around 2000 meters above sea level
Varietals : Typica
Village : Parishes of Portland, St Andrews and St Thomas on the Estates of Mavis Bank and Wallenford
Moisture : 10.2%

Intense aroma, full body, sweet, balance, moderately crisp
and bright, clean finish, persistent flavors.

About the Coffee & Origin
Jamaica, an area of stunning beauty and a UNESCO Heritage site, is arguably the most famous coffee origin in the world. It also known as among the rarest coffee with annual yields equivalent approximately 0.1% of the coffee produced by Colombia.

Jamaica has around 10,000 farmers, including Blue Mountain Coffee and what is generally called "High Mountain Coffee" outside the area denominated as theJamaica Blue Mountain growing area.

Each farmer in this region has about 83 to 166 trees and each tree can produce one to two pounds of green coffee, the production is relatively small compared to other coffee producing countries.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is often grown on the steep slopes of the mountain and require hand picking upon harvest. The slopes can be as steep as 60° which make the picking is difficult and dangerous.

The fame of the coffee has led to many imitators in the market. The coffee is now protected by Jamaica Commodities Regulatory Authority. The Authority monitor the cultivation of the coffee, recognize and certify the growing region of Blue MountainCoffee in the area of Jamaica