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JOKER - COLOMBIA Narino La Union -

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Region: Nariño, La Unión district

Soil: volcanic ash soil of the northern volcanic zone Altitude: 1800-2300 m

Average area per farm: less than 1 ha

About 65% of the total area is produced by the Caturra variety, about 5% by the Tipica variety and the remaining 30% by the Castillo (El Tambo) variety.



Colombia is the world's third most famous coffee-producing country, but it actually varies from place to place. Some places focus more on oranges than coffee.

Some places focus more on oranges than coffee, while others produce drugs deep in the mountains. Nariño, however, is one of the best coffee-producing regions in Colombia.

Nariño, however, is a famous coffee-producing region in Colombia. This is a micro lot of coffee from the La Unión region, which has particularly excellent cup quality among the Nariño regions.

This is a micro lot. The extremely steep slopes, fertile volcanic ash soil, and mountain streams bring warm air to the foothills during the day, and the warm air rises to the top of the mountain at night.

This allows the highest quality coffee to be produced in the arable land at an altitude of up to 2300 meters. The topographical features of the area also contribute to the production of the highest quality coffee, which is produced by small farmers with less than 1 ha of farmland.

The coffee is then washed and fermented in small tanks, and dried in the sun on patios and African beds.

The beans are then washed and fermented in small tanks and dried in the sun on patios and African beds. The coffee grown here is so good that there are rumors that the major coffee companies control 90% of the coffee grown here and compete for the remaining 10%.

We also take great pains to acquire micro lots from the Swiss trading company Volcafe every year. That is the Colombian Nariñora Unión.

It is the Colombian Nariñora Unio. And the name we gave to the micro lot was JOKER.


JOKER has a deep, mild acidity, an aromatic body, and a smooth, nutty aftertaste that are unique to the La Unión region, born from the harsh environment of Colombia.

The terroir of JOKER will deeply touch your heart.