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Panama Geisha -Chiriqui Tierras Altas - Natural

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Roasting Level

Lychee, Papaya, Strawberries

Cupping Score:90.25
*Cinnamon-Roast recommended.

Tasting note: Lychee, Papaya and

COUNTRY: Panama Chiriqui Tierras Altas

ALTITUDE: 1400 - 1700MASL



**"Direct from Panama: The Exquisite Geisha Coffee"**

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Panama is a natural paradise that whispers tales of its rich ecosystem. From this verdant haven emerges the crème de la crème of coffee, the Geisha from the foothills of the Baru Volcano in Chiriqui. This particular lot is a gem from the Tierras Altas district, the pride of the Volcano region.

Re-discovered in Panama in 2004, the Geisha variety has captivated specialty coffee aficionados with its floral aroma, hints of citrus, and a remarkably clean sweetness. The rarity of Geisha, and the secret to its unparalleled quality, lies in the passion of small-scale producers, backed by the expertise of K&R Specialty Coffee. Under the stewardship of Daisy and Plinio, a cup of this coffee carries dreams, hard work, and dedication.

"Panama Geisha from Chiriqui, Volcan, Tierras Altas District, Natural Process Limited Edition" – this isn't just any coffee. It promises a lifetime of memories and a sip of sheer bliss.